Hooper Zeroes

You may think all this sort of thing just happens by itself. That the Powers are just there, living in Castlerock, and all we had to do was go and interview them, and suddenly there was a book.

Nah, it doesn’t work like that. We had to MAKE IT UP. Every last scrap of it. Even Pucker. (Can you imagine a world in which there is no Pucker? But there was such a world. Really.)

So here are the people who did the upmaking.

Kevin Stevens Super-writer dude. He invented it all and wrote it down for you to read.

Sheena Dempsey Super-drawer. Eh, no, a drawer is something else. Super-illustrator person, then. She invented what the people look like. So you can blame her.

Deirdre Sullivan She’s a teacher. She sort of helped Suzie out with a few spellings and things on her blog. That is the best kind of teacher. We like her.

Mike Stevens and the Popical Island dream team Our very talented fellow Islanders: Mike wrote the theme song (watch the video and you'll hear it), Ruan van Vliet was on drums and Saileog O'Halloran was on vocals. Check out their bands, Groom and Tieranniesaur.

Lisa O’Reilly Super-animator. Lisa took Sheena’s fab drawings and made them move – in time to the music. Wow!

Justin Deegan He made the website. It’s an amazing thing. One day it was just an idea. Then we sent him a few pictures and a lot of words and Hey, presto! It was a website. We don’t think he has super-powers, but we could be persuaded.

Little Island We cracked the whip. (This is just an expression. We haven’t actually got a whip. Though it’s a nice idea.) And stuck all the pages together. And made sure the books are in the shops. And the website is here and everything.