Welcome to Castlerock Castle Home of The Powers

Suzie: Dad! It’s NOT a castle.

Ted: You know what they say, Suzie, an Irishman’s home is his castle. And this is our home page. Our castle page, if you prefer.

Suzie: They do not say that, Dad. You know they don’t.

JP: They do, Suzie. They say, an Irishman’s comb is his hassle.

Clare: Hello, children everywhere, and welcome to our ordinary suburban home. This is the mum here. We are an ordinary family in an ordinary house and it is not a castle and you are not to believe the rumours. We are called the Powers. That is just a name. Lots of people are called Power. It has nothing to do with … you know … special powers. That’s just …

Pucker: Ruff-ruff.

Clare: The dog is also ordinary. Cute, but ordinary. Just a workaday pug.

Suzie: This is the family I belong to, people. Best thing is to get off this page fast and go watch the video or do a cool activity or READ my BLOG!! (It is the only super thing in this so-called super-family.)