Dublin UNESCO City of Literature like our story!

I kind of can't believe it, but the guys over in Dublin City Libraries think our family is interesting and cool, and they've taken this whole book about us and made it the Citywide Read for Dublin for the next three months!

How weird is that? Weird in a good way, I guess. Like, all these kids, all over the city, are reading about US at the same time? They even made a poster with MY face on it - check it out:

There's some more stuff about us on this website here (mental note to self - check this out later in case of embarrassing photos) (extra note to self - make extra sure to check my eyebrows - they are notorious for being stubblebrows): http://www.dublincityofliterature.ie/read-the-powers.html

Should I go along? It looks kind of cool, and who knows what this guy Kevin wrote about me? It could be anything. It could be all LIES. I'd better go and suss him out... I'll bring JP for backup. And Pucker, of course.

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