Since I last posted, I have made an interesting discovery. Moving things with the power of my mind is not all I can do. In terms of powers, I mean. Clearly I can do non-super stuff as well. Like brush my teeth and swim.

Mum and Dad were having a heart to heart last night, because there has been a robbery of some sort of national treasure thing, and Dad’s mad to solve it. Mum isn’t sure exactly how their powers can facilitate an investigation.

‘The police know where we are if they need us, Ted,’ she said.

‘But we have to DO something. We can’t just sit by and –’

‘That’s exactly what we’ll do. Until we’re needed. We can’t just plunge in feet first every single time.’

‘Is that what you think I do?’

‘I think it’s what we both do, Ted. And I’m not sure it’s good for the children.’

I was about to tell them to keep their voices down, but I realised they were already keeping their voices down. I mean, the kitchen is way downstairs. And I could hear them as if they were in the room beside me. It was super-weird.

And since that happened, I’ve been tuning in to other people’s conversations all over the place. Sometimes I can’t help it and other times I do it on purpose. Like when I’m on the bus and want something interesting to listen to, or whatever.

I need to learn to control it, though. Because I think it’s going to be hard to keep track of the things I’m not supposed to know. And if Mum and Dad find out I have super-powers, there’ll be a Suzie-sized catsuit hanging in the wardrobe before you can say ‘DO NOT WANT’.

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