So I think I mentioned before that I like to read. One of my favourite books is Matilda by Roald Dahl, which is about a girl with an embarrassing family who can move things with her mind. Matilda’s family, the Wormwoods, are kind of terrible to her as well as being embarrassing, though. My parents are really nice to me, even if they do occasionally destroy my home and eyebrows.

Mum takes me to the library every week and goes for coffee in the café beside it while I pick some books out. She’s banned from going inside since the flood. There is nothing sadder than a soggy book. Except for a thousand soggy books, all turning to a floaty pulp. And our local branch is not the first or last library she has flooded either. St Malodourous College is now closed to members of the Power family. Even if I get the points, I won’t be allowed to study there. Not that I wanted to, but it is nice to have options.

And on the subject of people judging me based on my parents’ actions, here is something I’ve noticed: when I browse the shelves, deciding what to read this week, the librarians keep a steely eye on me. No matter where I am, I am always in their line of vision. Just in case. Which, even though I don’t exactly welcome it, is probably fair enough. I wonder what they’d be like if they actually knew about my super-power. Telekinesis could cause a lot of havoc in a library. 

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