Can't Budge It

JP is trying to get Mum and Dad to buy new costumes. He’s really into Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment, so he wants them to be red and blue. Which they clearly won’t go for because it’s been done to death, and by way better super-heroes than they are. I mean, even if things are going well for a super-hero, it’s probably better not to invite comparisons with Superman. Or Wonder Woman for that matter.

But they are thinking about it, which is cracked because super-hero costumes are crazy expensive. You have to order them from America or Japan, and they’re individually designed and made of this special weather- and bullet-resistant material that does not come cheap.

I’ve been trying to get them to buy a new car instead. We have this old banger of a Fiasco and it keeps breaking down and making me late for things.

Not for school, though. Oh no. Our car specifically breaks down when we are on the way to something that I enjoy. It’s like it knows. Maybe it does. Maybe it too is super-powered. Only villainous, and my arch rival. The Red Fiasco. It coughs! It splutters! It decides not to budge and the AA must be called!

It is exactly the sort of crappy arch-rival a member of the Super Powers deserves. 

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