I have been kind of saving the best till last. His power involves sparking heat energy out of his fingers, i.e. setting things on fire. He once hospitalised a famous archeologist who was appraising a chalice. The poor man had second-degree burns, but all he cared about was that the chalice was unscathed. Which is a pity because half of it got all melty.

Things like that tend to happen when Dad uses his powers. We have had twelve new kitchens put in since I was small. And that is because we can only afford to replace them once a year.

I think Dad’s main problem is that he really wants to be a comic-book super-hero. But a comic-book hero wouldn’t accidentally melt the Spire. Poor Dad. He tries so hard and is so utterly useless. And since the whole Power Family Superhero Gang is so important to him, he really doesn’t see that the world would be better off without his particular brand of heroism.

He is in denial about how rubbish he is at being a super-hero and that’s a pity because if he was to give up using his powers and be a normal (or just less weird) dad for a change, people would respect him way more.

He’s really good at his job. Or I assume he is, anyway. All those new kitchens don’t come cheap.

Both of my eyebrows have grown back now, BTW. Except that they are slightly different shapes. And maybe they always were, because I didn’t used to stare at them half as much before The Incident.

But I’m fairly sure that it’s somehow all Dad’s fault. Things usually are. 

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