Clare and present danger

How to explain Mum? Let me see …

If she were on a card – the kind that people swap in playgrounds with facts and stats on – hers would say something like this. 

Things Clare Power can do:

         Summon the weather.

Things Clare Power can’t do:

         Control how much weather gets summoned.

So you can see how that would make things awkward for her. The kind of awkward where crops fail, houses flood and schools are closed for weeks on end. I love Mum but I do not like living with the consequences of what she does with her powers. Or seeing her mistakes played out over and over again on telly and online.

The thing is, Mum as a person is actually pretty sensible. She always makes sure we do our homework, wear warm clothes in winter and all those parent-type things. She is only rash and stupid when she is being a Power.

Sometimes I wish her super-power was snap-decision-making instead of weather-control. It would probably be more useful in the long run. And less trouble. I’ve never heard of a van getting sucked inside a road as a result of really good decision-making. (There was a driver in the van. Who almost died. Doctors, not my mother, brought him back.)

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We have something in common!!!!

It sounds like your mum can be really annoying. I would find her powers annoying to but she is your mum and she is only trying to help.If her powers annoy you so much then why don't you ask her to use them less. She will at least consider it. My mum annoys me to. She always nags me to clean my room but she means well. At least I hope she means well.

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