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Some of you have been asking me to tell you about my super-powers. Which is cool, but they’re really not all that great. I mean, I don’t get what’s so exciting about them. And I’m kind of worried about what will happen when people find out. So, as a kind of build-up to THE BIG REVEAL (which won’t be all that dramatic or impressive, so don’t get your hopes up), I’m going to do some entries about my family.

Starting with JP, my little brother. Or my ‘Brittle Other’ as he would say. I like JP a lot and sometimes I babysit him when Mum and Dad go out for dinner and things. Other times I babysit him even when Mum and Dad are at home. They tend to get distracted by adventures and kind of leave us to our own devices. Not all the time. But it happens.

Anyway, the cool thing about JP is that he is cute and happy and funny and really clever, for a little guy. The ‘super’ (gah, I hate that word) thing about him is that he can fly. But he doesn’t have a huge amount of control over it. Because he’s only little (I mean, his bike still has stabilisers on it), he’s only learning. But there are no super-power stabilisers to keep you (and other people) safe until you’re fairly sure nothing will go wrong when you use them. I wish there were. We’d all be wearing them. 

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I think JP is hyper its not really fair on you when he's flying and your babysitting it can be pretty annoying. He can only fly with his cape right, so take the cape off of him and hide it. Thats how I handle my brother. He is pretty annoying but I love him. When he is playing with his rattle its really annoying. Sometimes he climbs on my back puts the rattle close to my ear and shakes it really hard. Sometimes I get so annoyed I take it off him and hide it. I pretend we are playing a game and that he has to find it. So I think you should do that to JP but only if he's really annoying you. Sometimes when I take my little brother's rattle he cries and its sooo annoying. He just cries and cries and cries. So be careful when taking JP,s cape. Oh and also dont grab it off him, ask for it. It works sometimes but not every time. Maybe bribe him into giving his cape for a biscuit or a chocolate, jelly, digestives or even a chance to watch T.V!

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