Eyebrow Update

One eyebrow is almost back to normal but the other is taking its sweet time about it, which means I look really sarcastic all the time. I don’t really mind because I can be quite sarcastic, and also one eyebrow is better than no eyebrows at all.

There should be a proverb about that, like ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, only for eyebrows. ‘An eyebrow on the face is worth two in small ashy piles on the pillow’? It’ll TOTALLY catch on. You heard it here first, people. 

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eye brows

This is what I would do I lost my eye brows and one grew back: I would just put a plaster on the one that is taking its time growing and it would look like you just have hurt your self.If you have friends that ask allot of questions you hit your head off the table.

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