Your move, Pucker

It must be tough to have the heart of a wolf in the body of a pug. Pucker is as gentle as a lamb most of the time. But he has his moments.

One of those moments was today. He didn’t break the skin, which is great, because if he had done he might have been put down. Luckily Dad was painting the house, so the postman had the ladder to climb and he could get away. Pugs might be able to scare (very few) people every now and then, but they aren’t very good with ladders.

Once the postman had gone on his merry way (it was more of a grumpy way TBH), Pucker stayed by the ladder for ages, pacing back and forth, putting his little legs up on the first rung to see if he could get the hang of it if he just tried hard enough.

We’re supposed to be very cross with him for being a bold dog, but I reckon it’s probably Mum’s fault for complaining about all the bills that come in the post. Pucker was only trying to help. Probably. At least that’s what I’m telling myself when he creeps up to me, head down, full of shame, demanding belly rubs.

I am glad he doesn’t have powers. He would almost certainly be a villain, and we’d have to try and defeat him and stuff. But it would be hard because he’s just so cute. Look at that little squish face. If I were a postman, I’d almost stick a fork in my leg and offer it to him. 

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