Things my Dad says that are not true.


  1. ‘The Nation depends on us, Clare/Suzie/JP/Random person at the bus stop/Pucker.’ (No, it doesn’t, Dad. It never has and it never will.)
  2. ‘Normal people don’t understand us.’ (Dad is not that hard to understand. He loves sandwiches, my mum and being a hero. Probably in that order.)
  3. ‘That came out of nowhere.’ (Translation: ‘I did not see that coming, although I probably should have.’)

    ‘If you had powers, Suzie, you’d understand that …’ (UGH. I ACTUALLY DO HAVE POWERS, DAD, AND MAYBE IF YOU WERE EVER A TEENAGE GIRL YOU’D UNDERSTAND WHY I’M NOT TELLING ANYONE ABOUT THEM. I feel a bit guilty about hiding them sometimes, but it’s not like I’m hurting anyone. I’m just not strong enough to be laughed at in the newspapers for getting things wrong. Maybe when my eyebrows grow back fully, I’ll share my secret? Probably not, though. Is that terrible?)

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    Yeah, dads can be a little annoying at times! I wouldn't worry about your eyebrows, after a while no one will notice. And if your worried about your powers but don't want to tell anyone, try confiding in Pucker. Animals can be a great source of help and you'll feel safe in the knowledge that he won't tell anyone. But remember, there's always such thing as a second chance. Maybe someday your family will safe the world! I think if you tell your parents maybe they'll begin to understand you more, you'll feel like a real part of the family. I mean, there's really nothing to loose, is there?

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