Begonia Stubblebrows

I’d love to go on a holiday or something. I need a break from being in a superhero family. I’m not going to get one for ages though. And even if I did get to go on holiday, my family would all come with me. Which kind of defeats the purpose of it.

When I am older and get to go to college, I’m going to go to Galway or Limerick or England or even to the States. Somewhere far away from Dublin, where nobody will know that I’m a Power. I might even change my name. Suzie Power is an OK name, but it’s nice to have options. Here are some possible choices for grown-up, free-from-Powerhood me.

  1. Begonia Stubblebrows. (This isn’t a real one, but it kind of suits how I look at the moment. It is not pretty.)
  2. Lydia Martin. (This is the sort of no-nonsense yet glamorous name a part-time model would have. Lydia Martin wouldn’t just be a model, though. She would also be a scientist. A practical one who works in a lab and does research and never saves the world.)
  3. Maria Macy. (Or any name where the first name and the surname start with the same first letter. JP tends to get muddled and switch them, and with a name like Maria Macy, even if he did switch them around he would still be right. I would still want JP to visit me, you know, when I grow up and move. And Mum and Dad. Pucker could come with me if he liked. I’m not a monster. I just would really like a peaceful life.)

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you know there are things called eyebrow pencils and you can draw on eyebrows? You can even get little eyebrow shaped stencils as well. Might be worth looking into.


I think it would be really nice for you to have a holiday without your family. If you have a really good friend you could have a sleepover or even have a small break with him/her. I think the Victoriens or Gorgens used to shave their eye brows and stick dead mouse fur there instead, but I would not recomend it! Just let them grow. It`s meant to take three weeks for eye brows to grow back. I think pucker coming with you when you grow up.Good luck with your eye brows and the holiday.Just remember, don`t stick dead mice to yourself. :)

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