Hello, people who read my blog. (So me, and maybe JP when he’s a little bit older.)  

This is a beautiful pug. The thing I like best about pugs is that they rarely cause life-threatening accidents. The same cannot be said for Daddy Dearest. AKA Mr Power. AKA Ted. Ted is a harmless name, isn’t it? It reminds you of a cuddly toy or a comedy priest. Ted ‘The Embodiment of Oops’ Power is anything but harmless. And now I have no eyebrows. There was a singeing incident. And they were fine for, like, a day. A bit crispy, but … whatever. I can live with that. (See how tolerant I am?) 

This is what happened: Dad was giving out about some case he was reading about in the paper, that the police had ‘really bungled’. (Pots, kettles, etc.) And he did that old-timey thing of wagging his finger and suddenly there was sparkage and the paper went up. And while I was putting it out, it singed my eyebrows. And now I have none, because I scratched the crispy hairs in my sleep and broke them off. 

To add insult to injury, he (my dad) thinks it’s hilarious and will teach me a lesson about not being vain. I did not need to learn that lesson. It is not vain to want to have eyebrows. Eyebrows are a basic human right. 

My little brother JP offered to draw me a ‘pew nair’ (he is a master of the Spoonerism, which is hard to explain but easy to look up) but I declined. They would probably come out like over-eye moustaches and who needs that? 

I tried having a go at drawing them on myself with Mum’s eyebrow pencils, but Pucker licked one off while trying to comfort me. Which was nice of him because I do need comforting. 

Not looking forward to school tomorrow. Maybe I could cut myself a fringe? 

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pugs and eyebrows

Has somebody scared the pug? I hope it's not you, Suzie. But it might be your eyebrows, which would not be your fault of course, but still, you shouldn't be going around frightening the animals.

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