Girl, Powers

Pug H-D in Christmassy Kerchief

Hi. I’m Suzie.

Do not be fooled by this photo of a pug. I am not a dog, but a girl. I could blog in character as a dog, but what would be the point? I was thinking about going by an alias when writing this, like ‘Power Girl’ or ‘The Deadly Snark’, but TBH I didn’t want to sound like a superhero.

I’ve had it up to here with superheroes. Even the effective ones are boring. I mean, you either ‘use your power wisely’ and help people and hide your identity to protect those you love and NEVER EVER HAVE ANY FUN. Or you try to do all that and only manage some of it and look like a big loser all the time and have people laugh at you.

I mean, you could always use your powers for evil, but that would cancel out the hero part of it. I sometimes think it would be nice to be a villain. To be feared and obeyed and listened to. My family only listens to me sometimes. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s bad because nobody likes to feel left out. It’s good because I can keep secrets from them. BIG ONES. Unless they find my blog. In which case … whoops.


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Dear Suzie, the dog in the photo looks delicious, I want to eat him with gravy. I am a greyhound and I used to chase little animals with poofy tails like him during my racing days. I didn't ever catch one, even though I am extremely fast. (I have my suspicions that those races are rigged) I think I might pay you a visit very soon. Sincerely, SANDY (your worst nightmare)

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