Since I last posted, I have made an interesting discovery. Moving things with the power of my mind is not all I can do. In terms of powers, I mean. Clearly I can do non-super stuff as well. Like brush my teeth and swim.

Mum and Dad were having a heart to heart last night, because there has been a robbery of some sort of national treasure thing, and Dad’s mad to solve it. Mum isn’t sure exactly how their powers can facilitate an investigation.

Three ways to recognize a villain, according to Ted

Parents can be so dumb sometimes. Like, they teach you not to judge people based on looks. And expect people not to judge them based on their actions. But then they come out with nonsense like this.

OK, so here are three ways to spot a villain, according to my bigoted, bigoted father, Ted Power. The same Ted Power who once burned down an orphanage at Christmas, while ‘trying to adjust the furnace’.


So I think I mentioned before that I like to read. One of my favourite books is Matilda by Roald Dahl, which is about a girl with an embarrassing family who can move things with her mind. Matilda’s family, the Wormwoods, are kind of terrible to her as well as being embarrassing, though. My parents are really nice to me, even if they do occasionally destroy my home and eyebrows.

Did I mention we’re not even supposed to be using our super-powers?

JP and I are all right. But I think what Mum and Dad do is pretty much illegal. It is kind of romantic. Which makes it even more disgusting. (Not too gone on my parents being in love. Not that I want them to split up, or anything. But being reminded that they fancy each other is weird.)

Anyway, Mum’s powers contradict Dad’s powers because of the fire and wind/water thing. So when they decided to get married they were expelled from the International Superhero Association (ISA). Apparently, that sort of thing is frowned upon. Which is weird, because if Mum’s powers didn’t cancel out Dad’s ones, our house would have burned down, like, eight more times than it already has. Although maybe Dad’s powers only go crazy because he keeps hanging around with Mum. And vice versa.

Having a Secret

It’s pretty easy to keep a secret from my family. I mean, you hardly even have to try. They’re all so self-involved that you can tell them the stupidest lies and they’ll believe you. This is a good thing, because it allows me to practise my telekinesis without them knowing.



I have been kind of saving the best till last. His power involves sparking heat energy out of his fingers, i.e. setting things on fire. He once hospitalised a famous archeologist who was appraising a chalice. The poor man had second-degree burns, but all he cared about was that the chalice was unscathed. Which is a pity because half of it got all melty.

Pidden How-ers

Some of you have been asking me to tell you about my super-powers. Which is cool, but they’re really not all that great. I mean, I don’t get what’s so exciting about them. And I’m kind of worried about what will happen when people find out. So, as a kind of build-up to THE BIG REVEAL (which won’t be all that dramatic or impressive, so don’t get your hopes up), I’m going to do some entries about my family.