Did I mention we’re not even supposed to be using our super-powers?

JP and I are all right. But I think what Mum and Dad do is pretty much illegal. It is kind of romantic. Which makes it even more disgusting. (Not too gone on my parents being in love. Not that I want them to split up, or anything. But being reminded that they fancy each other is weird.)

Anyway, Mum’s powers contradict Dad’s powers because of the fire and wind/water thing. So when they decided to get married they were expelled from the International Superhero Association (ISA). Apparently, that sort of thing is frowned upon. Which is weird, because if Mum’s powers didn’t cancel out Dad’s ones, our house would have burned down, like, eight more times than it already has. Although maybe Dad’s powers only go crazy because he keeps hanging around with Mum. And vice versa.

Having a Secret

It’s pretty easy to keep a secret from my family. I mean, you hardly even have to try. They’re all so self-involved that you can tell them the stupidest lies and they’ll believe you. This is a good thing, because it allows me to practise my telekinesis without them knowing.

Things my Dad says that are not true.


  1. ‘The Nation depends on us, Clare/Suzie/JP/Random person at the bus stop/Pucker.’ (No, it doesn’t, Dad. It never has and it never will.)
  2. ‘Normal people don’t understand us.’ (Dad is not that hard to understand. He loves sandwiches, my mum and being a hero. Probably in that order.)
  3. ‘That came out of nowhere.’ (Translation: ‘I did not see that coming, although I probably should have.’)